What better way to treat yourself

Than to schedule an appointment for one of our facials at Le Posh Salon and Spa? Facials have a wealth of benefits as well as being therapeutic by nature. If you have any facial blemishes or other skin conditions, a facial might be a key part in clearing those issues up.

Our aestheticians specialize

In skin care and are able to provide you with information and ideas as to why your skin might be responding in certain ways. We have a large selection of facial products that will be used during your visit with us. All of these products are available for purchase if you like how your skin feels after. Plus, you might see quicker results if you continue on with a cleansing routine until your next appointment.

Perhaps you don’t have any issues with your skin and just want to indulge in one of our facials. That’s okay too! We’re happy to have you in our salon and spa to experience a relaxing and invigorating facial. If you are scheduling a facial to prepare for a special day or event, we recommend you call us a few days in advance so your face has a chance to soak in the products used during your visit.

Facials will calm your spirit

And help you unwind from any stressors you may have going on. For this reason, we do encourage you to set up your appointment when you are able to relax for the rest of the day or afternoon. This will allow you to experience a full and refreshing afterglow.

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