When it comes to choosing a hairstyle, we have you covered! We have a large selection of look-books and magazines containing hundreds of different hairstyles for everyone in the family; men, women and children. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect look for you. Or if you already have a particular cut and style in mind, we will be happy to take a look as well.

When you walk into our salon, you will be embraced by a plethora of hairstyles ranging from traditional to modern and tres chic. If you’re looking for short and sassy, we can deliver! How about layers and length? You got it! We even have fun and creative styles for our male clients too. Whatever look you’re trying to accomplish, our stylists will be able to achieve it.

Different hairstyles convey different messages to individuals along with evoking different emotions. That’s one of many reasons why we love our jobs! We seek to deliver creative and high quality hair techniques for each of you who walk through our doors.

Le Posh Salon and Spa is committed to offering great customer service all the while producing incredible hairstyles at a reasonable price. Call or stop by to make an appointment with one of our hair technicians.

Things that Affect Your Hairstyle:

  • Shape of your face
  • Texture of your hair
  • Amount of time you want to spend
  • Image and mood you want to convey
Short Hairstyles

We like to think of short hairstyles as fun and sassy! But short hairstyles can also be a practical way to go depending on the amount of time you want to spend getting ready in the morning. Many of the shorter cuts take less time to style and use fewer products in and out of the shower.

We define short hairstyles as haircuts that are above the shoulder (do not touch your shoulders). With that said, there are so many neat ways to cut and style your hair. Depending on the shape of your face and your daring nature, we can cut your hair in a pixie style with lots of layers or a shaggy face frame. Or if you prefer a little bob, we can do that too. Short bobbed haircuts are cute and versatile because you can curl the ends under or flip them out to create a wispy look.

Many of our short hairstyles are created using traditional methods, but with a twist of modern day creativity. Thinking outside of the box with our hair designs keeps our trend setting ways one step ahead of many salons in the Midland, MI area. Another factor that benefits Le Posh Salon and Spa is our ability to adapt to your preferences. If you’re not happy with the vision we see for your hair, just talk with us and we will work around your request.

If you’re ready to take your hair to a new level of excitement with one of our short hairstyles you won’t be disappointed. Allow our stylists to work their magic on you or come prepared with an idea of your own. Either way, we look forward to servicing you!

Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have long hair and are determined not to cut off too much in length, you’ve come to the right place. Le Posh Salon and Spa has many stylists who love working with long locks of hair. Many salons might not offer too many suggestions when it comes to cutting and styling longer hair, but we think otherwise. There are many different hairstyles for long hair, and we can prove it.

To give your long hair an extra boost, we do suggest adding layers. But adding layers doesn’t mean it has to conform to the norm. Our stylist’s have ways of creating layers without noticing they’re even there. The techniques they are taught and use on a daily basis allow for this. The layers could fall around your face while keeping the back all one length. Another way to, “Boost” your long hair is by thinning certain parts of it out. This thinning technique lifts the unwanted weight off your shoulders and head (literally).

Other great hairstyles for long hair involve using curlers or rollers, a curling iron or other methods used to create volume and add some, “Bounce”. Changing the placement of the part in your hair can also make a big styling difference and give you a new look. If you’re feeling adventurous, let our hair technicians cut some bangs for you. We can even show you different ways of pinning your hair up and back to refresh your style.

The important thing to remember is that all types of hair lengths can be revitalized and long hair isn’t any different. We hope you choose Le Posh Salon and Spa to give you new ideas when it comes to creating great hairstyles for long hair.

Men's Hair

A male who wants to have a good-looking haircut is no different than a female. Much like the way we dress, the way we have our hair cut and styled is a great expression of who we are. In fact, we see many different looks, styles and cuts when it comes to men’s hair.

Men’s hair is a bit different to cut and style than women’s. However, our stylists are experienced in male haircuts and are accustomed to your needs. Texture, length and thickness are important factors for the type of haircut you are looking for. If you have a picture of what you want, bring it in and we’ll see what we can do for you. Before we do any cutting though we’ll consult with you and let you decide from there.

Some things your stylist will ask about while they’re talking with you is how short or long you want your hair to be. Additionally, what finishing touches are you wanting, such as, sideburns, no sideburns, hair touching or not touching your ears and last but certainly not least, what do you want the nap of your neck to look like? The more details you can provide our hair technicians with the better your experience will be.

The final touches to men’s hair and any haircut really are the products used. From the shampoo and conditioner down to the styling mouse or gel, we stock all the products we use during your visit. If you have questions regarding a particular brand and what it does, your stylist will be happy to discuss the details and show you where it’s located for purchase.

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Le Posh Salon and Spa

In our line of work we see a variety of hair types on a daily basis. Hair is in essence our cup of tea! We work with short, medium, long hair, curly, wavy, straight hair, thick and thin hair, and so many other types of hair. There is not one head of hair that’s alike! That’s why when you come to visit us at Le Posh Salon and Spa in Midland, MI you can be confident in our stylists. All our staff is well versed in a wide range of techniques to make your haircut, color, and style experience a memorable one.

Our stylists are well educated, trained and experienced in delivering high quality hair care. We have a great selection of books and magazines to help you find just the right hairstyle for you and your family. Plus, our hair technicians are open to suggestions; if you like certain features in one picture but want to add something a little different, they can make it happen.

We will do our best to accommodate you and the type of cut and style you want your hair to end up looking like. However, we have to consider the type of hair you have verses the hair type in the picture. If you have curly or wavy hair, a particular cut might not lay the same way on you as it does the hair model. Not to worry though, we have creative stylists who know what to do!

And to complete your haircut and style with us, take a look at our hair care products that will give you that salon look and feel at home. From a trim off the bangs or back to a complete hair makeover, Le Posh Salon and Spa is ready for you!